Send us your CV to secure your next exciting role!

Send us your CV to secure your next exciting role!

15 May 11:00 by Mia Lazzarini


So you’ve perused our website, or seen our latest Facebook post, or found us on LinkedIn, and you’ve found a job advertised that you know you’re perfect for – but what now?

Now you need to send us your CV!

If you’re CV is perfected, then all you need to do is click on the “Upload Your CV” button at the top of this page, attach your CV, and let us know what role you are most interested in! Alternatively, apply for the role directly through our Job Board page.

However, if you’re feeling like your CV is far from ready, or needs some sprucing, then follow our handy dandy tips:


  1. Write a short clear summary about yourself at the start. Be honest, positive, and highlight your key strengths.
  2. Ensure your layout & font is clear and easy to read – keep it simple!
  3. Always be honest – don’t write what you think we want to hear. What we want is to know your skills, your assets, and your qualifications. If you’re not the right fit for a particular role, we will always keep your CV on hand until we find something you’re better suited for!
  4. Double check all spelling and grammar!


Our recruitment specialists will review your CV and determine what roles we have that you would be best suited for, and will be in touch ASAP! 


So what are you waiting for?